Life, lately (lockdown edition)

On day 7 I dug out my macro lens. When you’re stuck looking at the same four walls, it’s time to start taking a closer look.

My toddler’s golden curl. Our resident back garden blackbird. The shells we picked at the beach on Mother’s Day (not knowing it would be our last outing past 2km for some time). Sunset over our little corner of suburbia. 

While tag team parenting and working with a toddler are no picnic, there’s nothing like a tiny person to keep you grounded in the present moment. We’ve been doing pretty much the same things I see so many others doing, and that alone feels heartening: lots of baking (banana bread, carrot cake, lemon drizzle cake, flapjacks…), video chats with fiends and family, drinking tea, lots of cooking and cleaning on repeat and golden hour strolls around our estate before bedtime. 

Here are a few other fun things I’ve been enjoying:

How are you holding up?

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