Delightful distractions #1: How to make homemade natural scented candles

Starting a new mini series sharing some fun things to do, read and watch this winter, kicking off with this DIY candle how-to, first published in our DIY series for Irish Country Magazine

First things first: I am not buying that this is the ideal time to be hyper productive or creative. Things are, once again, strange and unsettled and I truly think now is the time to go gentle on ourselves and appreciate that our productivity, energy and headspace may be about to take another severe hit. In saying that, if you’re anything like me, your energy has ebbed and flowed. There are days when keeping busy and making things brings me peace and calm and days when not much gets done at all. So you might enjoy this sweet and simple DIY – a fun thing to make on those ‘keep busy’ days, and you can still enjoy it on the go slow ones. Some of the bits you’ll have at home and some you should be easily able to pick up online. 

Lesiele Juliet – my DIY creative partner in crime – created everything here, including the lovely hand-letter labels. Earlier this year I used her exact method to make little egg candles for easter and it worked beautifully. 

You’ll need 

  • Glass jars (you can recycle old jars you have at home – the perfect container is those small glass yoghurt pots)
  • Premium candle wick (we got ours from Evans Art Supplies, €0.75/m)
  • Wick sustainers (Evans Art Supplies €0.85/pk of 10)
  • Beeswax (white beaded) (Evans Art Supplies 500g for €15.35)
  • Clothes pegs
  • Scissors
  • Pyrex jug
  • Large stainless steel pot (it needs to be big enough to comfortable hold the pyrex jug)
  • Essential oils of your choice (we went with lavender)


Step 1: Thread the candle wick through the wick sustainer. 

Step 2: Measure the length of the wick against the jar you’re using, add around 5cm at the top, and trim. 

Step 3: Tie off the candle wick with a knot at the bottom of the sustainer, trimming any excess so that it sits as flat as possible. 

Step 4: Clip the wick through a peg and wrap it around the peg, then place peg on top of the jar to keep the wick centred and in position while you pour.

Step 5: Using another jar, measure two cups of wax per jar and pour into the Pyrex jug. 

Step 6: Place the Pyrex jug into a stainless steel pot filled with boiling hot water. The water should reach halfway up the jug. Make sure not to go any further, as you’ll risk getting water inside the wax, which will spoil it. 

Step 7: Once the wax is melted, carefully pour into the jar until it is half full. Use the peg to balance the wick sustainer, ensuring it stays in the centre of the jar.

Step 8: After you have poured halfway, add in 1-2 drops of your chosen essential oil (one drop for a small jar, two drops for a medium sized jar). Then, pour in the rest of wax.


Step 9: Once wax is poured in, check that the peg is centred and the wick is in the middle. Leave to set, which should roughly take 2-3 hours, depending on the type of wax you use (check the pack instructions for specific details).


And that’s it! Let me know if you give it a try or have any questions (which I’ll swiftly pass on to Lesiele, ha!).

DIY and styling: Lesiele Juliet
Photography: Nathalie Marquez Courtney
First published in Irish Country Magazine.

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