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  • These messers |
    Aunty Life, Ethan, Isabel, Noah

    These messers

    Three little faces that never fail to make me happy: Ethan, Noah and Isabel.  Ethan and Noah are currently obsessed with Pokemon, dabbing and Minecraft. Isabel meanwhile has a passing interest in Pokemon…

  • My nephews |
    Aunty Life, Noah

    Birthday Brothers

    Can’t wait to hang out with these guys this weekend. Noah (mischevious face on the right), turns five today and I’m told a superhero party is on the cards. He’s so teeny…

  • Aunty Life

    This Little Lady

    I can’t believe she has turned three! Blows my mind. She is fierce and smart and a total charmer. Whenever she sees me, she instantly throws her hands wide and exclaims, “Where’s…

  • Kids on Kinsale Beach |
    Aunty Life

    An Irish Summer

    A couple of snaps from Saturday’s trip to a lovely little beach in Kinsale. In typical Irish summer fashion, the weather varied wildly between deliciously warm and a bitter, biting cold. …

  • Ethan


    Tell me he’s not seven. I became a proud aunt on a sunny July seven years ago when this guy was born. Seven years seems like such a short time, and yet…

  • Isabel |

    Happy to see you

      I’m not sure it can get much cuter than this. Isabel turned two recently. She’s a happy, curious fun little kid. Right now, whenever she sees me she immediately asks for Ben (who…

  • Aunty Life, Noah


    He’s a tiny fireball of energy and mischief. He loves sitting on Ben’s shoulders, sneaking biscuits when nobody is looking, blowing things up in Minecraft and is in an adore/annoy relationship with…

  • Aunty Life, Isabel, Personal

    Polkadot Party

    As yesterday’s post showed, Isabel’s party was definitely not short on cake. The baby fiesta featured lots of sweet treats and DIY touches, thanks to the talents of craft queen Nikki and…