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  • Coffeewerk and Press, Galway
    cool stuff

    Current Obsessions

    Ben introduced me to Mini Metro, a very simple, minimalist little game a few weeks ago and I have played it more times than I’d care to admit. You can try it out…

  • Tarxia Inlaid-Wooden iPhone Cases |
    cool stuff

    Gorgeous Handcrafted Andalusian iPhone cases

    How beautiful are these? Created by two Spanish graphic designers, they are made using a centuries-old technique.  The Arabian Andalusian technique, known as Taracea, is still being used in Granada, Spain and…

  • Donal Mangan print |
    cool stuff

    May Link Love

    Above: Beautiful Dublin skyline print by Donal Mangan. Funny and true. Been bopping along to this JT gem. Cute video too.  “Any body, every body is a bikini body”: Wonderful post from my trainer Liz.…

  • Youth and Young Manhood |
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    Moodboard: Youth & Young Manhood

    Can’t stop checking out this brilliant Pinterest board from my friend Eleanor.  The fuzzier the shot, the more it tugs at the heart-strings; it’s like the messy carelessness of the pictures are…

  • Sweet desk accessories |
    cool stuff

    Sweet Desk Accessories

    It’s usually around September that my stationery fetish goes into overdrive. I don’t know if it’s the new job, working from home more, or just how feckin’ cute these finds are, but…

  • Colouring books for grown-ups |
    cool stuff

    My Favourite New Way to Chill: Colouring Books

    Colouring books for adults (distinctly different from adult colouring books, just so we’re clear), have become hugely popular in the last year or two – check out how many of the best-selling books on…

  • Colour crush: Pink and Green |
    cool stuff

    Colour Crush: Pink and Green

    It’s probably total sacrilege to say this when it’s still January: but doesn’t it feel kind of, well, spring-like out there at times? Maybe that’s why I’ve been pinning this wonderfully fresh colour combo.…

  • Links for getting girls into coding
    cool stuff

    How to Get More Girls Coding

    One of the things I’m becoming more and more fiercely passionate about – and honestly, one of the reasons behind my recent leap  – is my firm belief that the tech industry…