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  • Mexican Soup with Chicken and Lime

    Mexican Soup with Chicken and Lime

    This soup is perfect for these in-between-y days – it can be warm and comforting, thanks to the spice-infused broth, or fresh and energising, thanks to the zingy topping. …

  • Spiced hot chocolate recipe |

    Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe

    I feel a wee bit cheeky, as this isn’t really a recipe, rather just a way for me to talk about the deliciousness that is Mexican hot chocolate. …

  • Overnight bircher muesli |

    Overnight Bircher Muesli Recipe

    So you may have noticed that I, like the rest of Pinterest, have become mildy obsessed with Bircher Muesli, summer’s take on porridge. After much testing and searching, I’ve come up with…

  • Egg and avocado breakfast tacos |

    Egg and avocado breakfast tacos recipe

    This is my new favourite breakfast. I’d been craving something Mexican and eggy and concocted these breakfast tacos based on what we had around the house, but I loved them so much…

  • Food, living local

    The coolest chocolate in town

    Have you come across Bean and Goose? Created by Karen and Natalie Keane, sisters and chocolate makers, it has become a new obsession. Their artisan single origin chocolate is handmade in small batches each week…

  • Food

    Easy Spiced Berry Compote

    I used to be terrible for skipping breakfast and running out the door, and, to be honest, when I first started seeing Liz  and changing my eating habits, I thought that would be…

  • Food, Photography, Recent Work

    Recent Work: Clean + Comforting

    When we dreamed up the food shoot for the January-February issue, here’s what we didn’t want: punishing, painfully healthy rabbity food. We wanted dishes that were clean, nourishing and comforting, but that…

  • Food

    A Week of Healthy Breakfasts with Alpro Tops

    As I’ve written before, I’m on a mission to live a little cleaner, eat healthier and, in general, clean my act right up. So when Alpro approached me about their #alprotops campaign, I…