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  • Killiney beach |
    Dublin, living local

    Brighter Days

    It was a weekend of small, memorable pleasures. Home-made tacos and a Colin the Caterpillar cake for my sister’s birthday. A trip to the park with my niece. A walk on Killiney…

  • War Memorial Gardens Dublin |
    Dublin, living local

    Roses in November

    These beauties were definitely not what I expected to find on a walk around the War Memorial Gardens last week. I think we got in just before they cut back for winter too. What a…

  • Taste of Mexico Festival: Tequila Old Fashioned at Xico |
    Dublin, living local

    How to Really Drink Tequila

    Ben and I popped along to Xico on Tuesday for a tequila tasting, which was running as part of the Taste of Mexico festival, and picked up lots of lessons on how it’s…

  • cool stuff, Dublin

    A Campaign for Dublin

    I really wanted to create something that drew from Dublin’s historical graphic language. I find we’re quick here to dismiss anything that feels even vaguely like the past sometimes, but working in…

  • Spring sunsets in Dublin |
    Dublin, living local

    Spring sunsets in Dublin

    Let me keep my distance, always, from those  who think they have the answers. Let me keep company always with those who say “Look!” and laugh in astonishment, and bow their heads.…