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    Life, lately

    “Use this platform as a catalyst to create a more beautiful, inspiring life” The above words are at the top of a list I have called ‘Blog’ that I fill with blog…

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    If you’re not all-in, you’re out

    It’s hard to admit when things aren’t working out. When they don’t go the way you had planned and hoped.  You set sail on your new adventure. Friends and family waved you…

  • Personal

    Heart before hustle

    My first post of the year is about slowing down, and comes 13 days into January. The irony isn’t lost on me 😉 I’d love to say I’m refreshed, that my intentions are…

  • Life Unstyled |

    Life Unstyled

    There are areas that I don’t love. Walls that need painting. Orange floor tiles that need covering. Scuffed door frames and worn carpets. Things that I, as someone who gets to photograph…

  • Joining Intercom |

    Joining The Intercom Team

    New Muji pens have been bought. A walking route has been mapped out. There’s a fresh Moleskine ready to go. Today, I join the Intercom team, and typing that alone makes me…

  • Gaza Port |

    Photographing Gaza

    I’m just back from a whirlwind trip around Palestine, thanks to an incredible photo project that took me to Gaza for a few days. It’s a huge privilege to get to visit the…

  • Getting tattooed in San Francisco |

    Getting Tattooed in San Francisco

    I’m excited to share a little photo story of Ben and I getting tattooed while in San Francisco. While it was ever-so-slightly overshadowed by the other big life event 😉, it was nevertheless an…