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Isn’t she gorgeous? I got to revisit my old hood – Portmanock – and shoot alongside the lovely Beta Bajgartova as she shot this fab fashion spread for KISS. You can’t help but totally fall in love with Karolina, she’s simply adorable. A great mover, and really expressiv

I was tootling away on the net, as you do, when I spotted a tweet announcing that that the Irish Web Awards shortlist was up. And guess what? is on the shortlist for Most Beautiful Website in Ireland! To say I was delira and excira would be an understatement. To stay I was really, [&

On Friday, I was jammy enough to get to go along and listen to a talk by the awesome photographer, David LaChapelle. His work is hugely influential and this workshop was so inspiring. He was incredibly open and humble, and really giving with his time and his answers. He went through tons of his work

It’s kind of scaring me how quickly Ethan is growing and changing. He’s just over 14 months old now, and  in the past week alone he’s gotten up to all sorts of shenanigans, including: Falling in love with the dog’s bed. Kelly bought a big basket in Ikea to put the dog’

“Backstreet Boys, you know?” My 12-year old cousin Kourtney looked at my sister, Kelly, and me blankly. “Everybody…. Rock your body...” we crooned in unison. Still, a blank, bemused stare. And then it hit us. We’re officially getting old. Other than that realisati

The minute I walked into the gorgeous Mount Juliet suite (sweet does not even begin to cover it) I felt it. Jane, padding around in her dressing gown, introduced me to her mother and her  sister. Lovely, warm, friendly people who were on a mission –  a mission to make Jane‘s day as eas

You know the way some babies, even though they’re only a few months old, look at you so solemnly, and wisely, like they know exactly what’s going on? That’s baby M all over. She was the cutest little thing, with the biggest, prettiest, solemnest (is that a word?) blue eyes. Here ar

Woah, I blinked and a whole week went by there. How did I miss that? Anyway, back on track now. Hope you had a nice weekend, here’s what I got up to. Legged it home after work on Friday (via Pintxo – wasn’t loving the chef’s work that night, everything tasted a bit meh, sadly

Maybe I was just too used to the rough and tumble ways of Ethan, but on meeting Edie, I was instantly struck by how gentle a little girl she was. She was just over a year old when we had our session, and isn’t she the cutest little thing? I this is my favourite – […]


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