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We went to see The Time Traveller’s Wife last night (just what Mondays need, eh, a bit of tear-jerking). I loved Audrey Niffenegger‘s beautiful book and I think the film captured the essence and the mood of it wonderfully, while still being a great flick in its own right. But I think wha

Woah, did anyone else find that the weekend  simply flew by? I kind of can’t believe it’s Monday again. On Friday, Eoghan had picked up a couple of yummy, juicy steaks so some marinade was called for: Mix the finely chopped garlic, chilli and rosemary with a little olive oil and some so

It’s always said that it’s easy to take a good picture of a pretty girl, but, although Karla is without a doubt GORGEOUS (that skin, those teeth…grrr) the girl had to work it, Tyra-style for our shoot. First of all it was FREEZING. We lucked out with some sun, but Mother Nature wouldn’t stre

After shooting my first wedding on Friday – a fun, exhausting, stressful and exciting experience – I was pretty much wrecked for all of Saturday and Sunday. I can’t post any pics of the wedding yet, but here’s a sneaky peak of what started it all – the gorgeous engageme

We took another trip to The Crafty Market last Sunday and I came away with lots of goodies: The cute print is by talented illustrator Sarah Cunnigham (as soon as I can get a hold of links for these guys I’ll post them). She also does adorable illustrated books and handmade tooth fairies. Too c

While Eoghan and I are not the biggest U2 fans, owning hardly any of their music (although maybe there’s a Best of the 90s compilation knocking around on tape somewhere!), as their Croker gigs drew closer we found ourselves really wanting to go along and experience a U2 show; few bands are big

Now that Ethan has got a bit more independence, he is free to crawl pretty much wherever he likes. He keeps coming back to this window though, which is funny, because it’s my favourite too. Look to your far left, and you see Croke Park, Hogan Stand-side. If you’re lucky, there might be t


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