Is a photoblog still a photoblog if there are no photos?

What the above tongue-twistery headline is trying to suggest is that unfortunately, I am without camera.

Sadly, our lovely home got broken into last week and one of the things taken was my trusty SLR and my much adored 50mm 1.4 lens.

So this blog might be on a little hiatus while I figure out how many lunchtime trips to Munchies I’ll have to cut out before I can afford some new gear 🙂

My point-and-shoot was also stolen, but I do have my iPhone. I also have a sweet little polaroid, for which some film just arrived.

I’m missing my camera like crazy, but hope to use this as an opportunity to dig up some stuff from the archives (and tidy those messy archives up), link to some great inspirational photographs, and share some photo tips. So, if you like pretty pictures, maybe there will still be something worth stopping by for?

In the meantime, here are some of the last shots I took with Fiddy (my pet name for my 50mm), of the frost settling on my balcony flower box. This was before things got really arctic here (-8 walking to work on Friday!).


  • That’s terrible Nathalie. DId ye lose much else?

    I hope there wasn’t any damage done/anything of sentimental value taken.

  • You’re very brave to be taking such a positive slant on it. I think I can feel a collective ‘owch’ as all the photographers read this and feel the pain of losing a camera :/ Hope you get sorted out soon.

  • Oh no!! That’s awful, I definitely feel the ‘owch’. Bright side: excuse for an upgrade?

  • You’ll be back, better than ever. So sorry for you both, still thinking of you x

  • Sorry to hear that your gear got stolen. Not a nice feeling when you your place invaded by these fools & to have stuff that means more to you than it does to them irrespective of the value.

    Wont be too long before you will be back posting images with another 1.8 or better

  • So sorry to hear about your loss. 🙁 I had my camera stolen about almost three years ago now and it was horrible. You are so upbeat. I hope you get one real soon. This photo is gorgeous. And iphone photos could be blog worthy.

  • Thanks a mill guys for all your lovely, synpathetic comments 🙂 As positive as I seemed, I had to steer clear of the blog 9and photoblogs in general) for a while – it made me pine for my camera too much!
    @Colin – They just took a laptop, my camera, 50mm 1.4, kit lens, and some other sentimental bits and pieces (mym mum’s engagement ring and a gold bracelt I got from my Nanny on passin my Junior Cert). It could have been much worse.
    @Claire – The silver lining is that now I can start saving for that 5D MKii! It does mean I’ll be skipping WPPI this year, but fingers crossed I’ll be there with bells (and a camera!) next year.

  • Sorry to hear about a break in, glad to hear you are still keeping a positive mind. Always enjoy your work, thanks for publishing for the world to see. I look forward to more when you get things sorted out. Big ups from Nebraska with the winter photos, cold can be beautiful!

    • Thank you Dale 🙂 And yes, cold can be beautiful… but still so very, very cold! I’m glad I got those shots but have to admit my freezing toes and fingers didn’t thank me!

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