I want to do it all

I want to do it all | nathalie.ie

Man, those words up there from Sarah couldn’t feel more true. I feel like I know and value what’s important: looking after my health, family, friends, down time, dates, home-cooked meals, mellow, meditative mornings, early nights; thriving. And yet… I want to hit inbox zero at the end of the day. I want to conquer the task list. I want to brainstorm. I want to make each issue better than the one before. I want to maintain this blog, this totally personal space, free from deadlines, targets and stats.  I want to do it all. And yet… I pin to a board called ‘Day off daydream‘ and it’s just books and bed and tea and fancy socks. 

Ben and I keep meaning to make proper downtime. We’re nerds. We love chilling and tinkering on our laptops while listening to music. Or interrupting each other’s reading to call out funny/interesting/nerdy passages. Or drinking wine while eating nice cheese. But somehow, we end up packing way more things into the day than there are hours to do them. 

I do intend to do truly chill and enjoy a lil’ bit of dolce far niente. Just as soon as I finish this post. 

As my mum would say, my heart is in the right place. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the rest of me to catch up…


  • I know that feeling! I just find it hard when you do take the downtime to actually relax and not feel the pangs of guilt! Need an off switch!

  • This is ringing all too true for us today. Good Friday and we’ve been lounging on the couch all morning; me on (Robert’s) laptop and Robert sitting beside me reading. I giggled and interrupted Robert from his reading to point out your perfect paragraph that sums us up on a weekly basis.

    We’re forever plugged in and multitasking and trying to make the most out of our time. I’ve been threatening to do some digital detoxing. Maybe next weekend 😉 xx

    • nathalie

      Ah yes, “maybe next weekend” sums Ben and I up to a T, haha! Hope the extra couple of days this weekend have given you time for chilling (says she from her laptop….), x

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